Aug 062013

This is a bit of an odd post from me, as I’m mainly here to point you all towards a blog written by a mate of mine. He has another, but he has recently completed a 14 part exploration of Skyrim, and written about the adventures of his character Dragonbjorn in the first person. Don’t expect much in the way of searing critical insight, expect instead a whole bunch of perfectly timed screen shots and some very funny writing indeed.

The lad who wrote this fine body of work is a friend from my local gaming society who also joined us for the latest recording of my podcast. The reason we brought him in was mainly because he just happens to be one of the funniest guys I know who doesn’t seem to realise that he is. A lot of people love being the life of the party and the focus of attention in any room – I went through a brief period like that myself – but Andy is quite and unassuming until he comes up with the sharpest replies to a conversation and stops the room dead as we as all struggle to breathe through the laughter. After that massively overblown intro, why don’t you check his blog out, and then take a listen to the latest podcast, in which we dissect movies so bad that they’re good.

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  1. Just wondering if you had some thoughts on the expansion packs? I was interested in Dragonborn but it seems its full of bugs, had a friend who has played it but keeps getting stuck at parts he can’t pass and has to keep googling work arounds which doesn’t sound like something I’d want to keep doing? I’ve only just got Skyrim from and wondered which expansion pack is best to get first?

    • I had a lot of fun with Dawn Guard, but play on the Xbox so not too sure about the PC bugs. Hearthfire is a nice little add on for a laugh, but only really for you if you’re a completest.

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