Hello there, learned reader. My name is not shortymonster, but since we will soon become firm friends, feel free to call me Shorty.

I am a well versed and well travelled gentleman gamer, with no particular favourites in regard to system or setting, playing or GMing. What I am, is enthusiastic and experienced. It is this experience, both as a long time player, and GM which I will be taking advantage of on this blog. I will be posting new thoughts and ramblings on a weekly basis, with Monday as a preference for new content to go live.

The content will mainly be on topics that just happen to be on my mind, but will almost always be about the hobby I love. Posts could be advice for players or GMs, thoughts on general activities that surround the hobby, reviews of games and play test write ups. I am also lucky enough to know many other varied personalities within the hobby, several of them writers like myself, although some have been paid for their writing, so not too similar. I will on occasion be talking to them and sharing their experiences and and advice whenever it seems appropriate. I have also recently begun writing things for role playing games that I’m going to make available through the online store DriveThruStuff. Click the link to go to my publisher’s page.

I welcome feedback, although I would prefer it be constructive. Offensive comments will not be removed as I will invite other, more sober minds to mock such people. If you feel the need to share your obvious social defects on my blog, do not be surprised to find them highlighted and ridiculed. I also have a Facebook page for this blog, so you should all feel free to hit the ‘Like’ button and use that page as a sounding board too.

And with that I wish you all a good day, and hope you enjoy what thoughts I see fit to share.

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  2. Hi,

    My name is Jeremy Hogan, I’m the designer of Dreaming Spires, a board game that lets players build their own Oxford college, recruit great scholars, such as Tolkien, Shelley and Wilde, and deal with exciting historical events. It’s currently on Kickstarter – check out our video: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/949153718/dreaming-spires

    It would be great if you wanted to cover the game, I’d be happy to provide images, answer questions, anything you like – just let me know what would be of interest!



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