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So yeah, the new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer may not be an actual play trailer (which is what I was really hoping for), but in amongst the various set pieces, there looks to be a few clips that could actually be taken from game play. There isn’t really any way to be 100% sure, but being a pretty big fan of the first two, there just seems to be moments where the camera stops following the action from a purely cinematic angle, and hangs just over Batman’s right shoulder; exactly where it spends most of the time in the previous outings. Take a look and see what you think.

I know this is a table top role playing blog, and a few of you will likely be wondering why I’m taking about a console game, but I really do like the treatment given to Gotham City’s most famous sons and daughters in the last couple of games, and a lot of that comes down to the characterisations. In game play terms, it’s little more than a very pretty beat-em-up, but the plot lines are superbly thought out, and each character is brought to life with a rare passion. Add to that my opinion that I don’t think there has ever been a more faithful adaptation of the comic books in any other media than the games, and it’s my kind of game.

I’m sure those of you who played the last game will remember the bit the Joker does during the credits, but there are plenty of times during the game that had me just as invested in what was going on. I think all of us can learn something from this level of detail put into characters in a game. And I think even Batman’s most famous nemesis wouldn’t necessarily think of himself as a bad guy. If there ever was going to be an exception to that rule though, I think the Joker would certainly qualify.

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  1. The Arkham games remind me of a cross between Manhunt and Banjo Kazooie. A tongue-in-cheek survival horror, where you are the skulking monster in the dark :D

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