May 202013

I’m a huge fan of Batman. (Fair warning, this post might not actually be that much related to role playing.) I have been ever since I was eleven years old and I picked up The Killing Joke graphic novel. I was totally sold from that first encounter with the Dark Knight. One thing that has repeatedly impressed me since becoming a fan is how often different media takes a shot at recreating the comic book in another format, and actually manages to do it well.

The Cartoon series from when I was younger was astounding, even if they really did have to make sure that it was perfectly clear that all the bad guys lived, just because it was a kids show, and they wanted there to be no ambiguity about the fact that it was all in good fun. It was timed perfectly for me as the Batman movies had just been given to Schumacher, and the neon glow reflecting off Batman’s latex nipples really killed that franchise for me. And then there was the current generation console games.

Arkham Asylum and City were masterpieces of storytelling and characterisation that just happened to have a pretty damned solid beat-em-up patched onto it. There was a whole lot there for both fans of brawler games and died comic book nuts too. So many little references that would pass most people by, but got a nerd’s heart all a-flutter. True, they weren’t perfect, and I personally think that Harley Quinn could have done without being so grossly sexualised, but these faults were few and far between. Of course there was Catwoman, but for my feelings on that, then by all means check out my podcast where me and my co-host struggle to get our heads around why Batman doesn’t just ship the career criminal off to Blackgate. It’s that thought that makes me very happy with the idea of a new Batman game coming out. The last flick left me a little disappointed to say the least, so right now I’m looking for another medium to swoop in and show us how it’s done.

You know, apart from comic books themselves. Well today we get another teaser trailer for the latest game. Sad to say, we still don’t get to see any game play, but I just hope it’s on the way.

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