Aug 062013

This is a bit of an odd post from me, as I’m mainly here to point you all towards a blog written by a mate of mine. He has another, but he has recently completed a 14 part exploration of Skyrim, and written about the adventures of his character Dragonbjorn in the first person. Don’t expect much in the way of searing critical insight, expect instead a whole bunch of perfectly timed screen shots and some very funny writing indeed.

The lad who wrote this fine body of work is a friend from my local gaming society who also joined us for the latest recording of my podcast. The reason we brought him in was mainly because he just happens to be one of the funniest guys I know who doesn’t seem to realise that he is. A lot of people love being the life of the party and the focus of attention in any room – I went through a brief period like that myself – but Andy is quite and unassuming until he comes up with the sharpest replies to a conversation and stops the room dead as we as all struggle to breathe through the laughter. After that massively overblown intro, why don’t you check his blog out, and then take a listen to the latest podcast, in which we dissect movies so bad that they’re good.

Jul 262013

After recording our latest podcast a week ago, it got me thinking about yet another stereotype that seems to get applied to gamer geeks everywhere: that we don’t like going outside and doing active things, and don’t enjoy sports. Well, straight off the bat, if gamer geeks are active outdoors men/women please explain the following.

But what I really want to get the hub of is the thought that we can’t enjoy more mainstream activities like cheering on a sports a team. Well, myself and co-host Rich spent a good long time discussing the various merits of that most noble of sporting pursuits; Test Match Cricket. in fact, we may have on about it for a bit too long in a podcast that’s only about 50 minutes long, but there is a whole lot that can be said about the game.

But I for one am also a Rugby League fan, and my fellow podcaster is a fan of the far inferior Rugby Union. In our gaming society, sport is often up for discussion, along with sailing, which one of our old guard has been doing for decades. We also have a whole bunch of us that go geocaching for a laugh. So please can all the non geeks please just drop this stereotype. We love sports and enjoy getting out and having fun just as much as anyone else does.
Unless I’m totally wrong in this. Any thoughts from my fellow geeks?
May 242013

As you are, by now, no doubt aware, myself and long time friend record a fortnightly podcast. Although we are both gamers, we only really dwell on the topic if we think the story about it is funny enough to make a few non-gamers chuckle along with the rest of us. So although my Cyberpunk game finished recently, it got barely a mention, and we spent a lot more time talking about fear. I have blogged on this subject on the past, especially with regards to how to run as scary a horror role playing game as possible, and the two of us both love scary movies and all things horror related.

We do try to inject a note of humour into things though, even when discussing the terror of finding a live spider in your bed in the middle of the night. We also finish up our horror movie remake discussion, which drifts into Hellraiser territory, and made me wonder about the possibility of an RPG set within such a world. And just which side of the fence the players would come down. Maybe a subject for another blog. For now though, either head on over, check out the Facebook page for links to all the stories we discuss, or just listen using the widget below.

May 102013

As threatened, we have a new podcast up on our podbean page. Although the timing may not be perfect, we do love talking about some scary movies. As regulars to this blog would know I do love all manner of scary things, posting repeatedly about horror role playing games. There’s a whole bunch of love given the legend that is Bruce Campbell in this episode, along with talking in some detail about the various incarnations of the Halloween movies.

A word of warning though, this  – like all of our podcasts – is very much not safe for work. We use bad language is what I’m saying, not that we get naked.

We also put out a call for guests with interesting things to talk about who might want to talk about them with us. Just give any of the episodes a listen before you volunteer though; we have very adult senses of humour. And if you’re looking for all the links to things we discuss, you should join in our Facebook page as we pop them up between episodes to keep people entertained.

May 052013

As some of you are no doubt aware, I have recently dipped my toes into the podcasting world. Well, I just wanted to start making slightly more regular updates on the progress of this endeavour, so I have added a drop down menu to my home page, and from now on, each time a new podcast goes live, I will be adding a link to it in the form of a new post, and you can access them all via the menu. It’s not a drop down fella, so just click through to get all podcast related posts on one handy page. Or at least, that’s the plan.

Since this is the first such post, I’ll give you a quick run down of the episodes we have for you so far, but expect a slightly fuller update once I get into the habit of posting them all on here each fortnight. Yeah, sorry we don’t do it weekly, but until we have the time, and can afford to upgrade our Podbean account to give us more space, you’ll just have to be patient on the off weeks.

If you want regular updates and links to the topics we discuss, there’s also a Facebook page, dedicated to our ramblings.

Episode one saw us break ground on the podcast, and mainly discuss our mutual loathing of the influence that Stephanie Meyer has had on the world.

Episode two had us discussing pirates, super heroes and bizarrely terrible reviews for classic movies.

In Episode three we invented out first catch phrase, rolled out our theme music, and discussed terrible food ideas

Episode four was all about the music, and how much we loved being into metal as teenagers in the 90s

Episode five introduced a brand new wang based regular feature, and a very questionable condiment range.

Mar 022013

If you’re seeing this post from my home page, then down there on the right, below the big thing that’s really subtly trying to get you to Like the Facebook page, you’ll see a new widget. For a long time now I’ve been hosting the GMS magazine podcast, and for my money, it is still the most informative RPG podcast out there. Full of interviews and industry news that’s of interest to casual gamers and budding games designers alike. Two groups I consider myself part of.

That new widget is for my new podcast though. One that I co-present with my best friend, and social media guru, Rich. Although we are both gamers and geeks, the podcast is actually not focused entirely on that part of my life. In this first episode for example, we spend a long time discussing just why neither of us has much interest in watching the movie Warm Bodies. Someone attempting to make love to an ambulance also gets mentioned. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that it is far from safe for work

If you’re not at my home page, and have made your way here from one of several links that I scatter all over the internet, then you can just click here to go to the podcast’s very own web space. If you take the time to listen to it, and like what you hear, then please spread the word. As a new podcast made by two guys with more time than money, the only way we’re going to reach an audience is by positive word of mouth. And if you have any questions or things you would like to hear us talk about, just drop me a line and let me know.