Aug 242012

So, if you’re here, you must have noticed that I’ve moved home. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do since about week two of the blog’s history. It comes from the fact that WordPress is grand for putting your thoughts out into the world, but a bit limited when it comes to getting them to a wider audience, unless you want to pay for the premium package. (It is worth saying that my reason for wanting a lot of the premium features come from advice given by a very good friend of mine, a friend whom you can find here.) Sadly, I haven’t been in a position to pay for my own site, so I was planning on saving up and buying it as Christmas present for myself.

Then, from out of no where, I started talking on twitter to the lovely people at G*M*S Magazine. It started about how I promoted my blog, and went on to matters of spam and how one keeps it in under control. Over the course of a month I managed to get my own writing up on G*M*S in the shape of a quick review of a great little game. From there the conversation turned to why I don’t have my own domain. This is where G*M*S went from being a cool blog I checked out, posted on and linked to, to my hero. They offered me my own space and my own domain, with the only stipulation being an advert leading back to them; which I advise you all to click on. So, big thank you to G*M*S magazine, without which I’d have been stuck where I was for months at the least.

As you can see, there’s so far not too many changes to the site, this is because I always wanted the content to speak for itself.  However, under each post there’s now a widget that lets you spread the love of my stuff. If you like my writing enough to share it with people who aren’t already followers of the blog, this should make it a bit easier.

Now, this change of address isn’t the only thing that’s been on my mind this week. I’ve also been writing a submission for a supplement dealing with the grim historical realities of the Dark Ages. This will be an extension of some previous work I’ve done, but changing the tone and adding in a bit more politics.

Also, the past couple of weeks I’ve found myself dealing with horror role playing games, and I think that I may carry on that vein for another week, looking at how playing children in an RPG is so often related to scary games. If horror isn’t your thing, don’t worry, I still have plenty to say on a ton of other subjects.

My interview with two local games designers is coming on well, but keeps getting bigger than I thought it would, so might end up being two, if not three articles. It’s great stuff, and I’d rather people didn’t take one look and think TL:DR, and instead take it all in, in bite size chunks.

For now though, a monumentally big thanks goes to G*M*S for all thier support, and an equally big one to everyone out there who reads this blog, shares it, comments on it, and I hope you all get something out of it.

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  1. Congrats on getting your own domain. There is definitely an air of ‘officialness’ about having one, as I can attest after having to port my site over from a pre-built service.

    • It was made very easy by G*M*S already using WordPress, so most of it was done in a few clicks. It feels great to have my own spot though, even if in some regards it feels like I’m starting over again. I know I hadn’t been going for that long – only a couple of months – but I had managed to get a couple of dozen followers that I now need to woo again to get them coming to the new place regularly.

      Still, I like a challenge, and all the work is very much worth it. It may sound a bit sad, but starting the blog, and reading so many other peoples’ too, has given my role playing a bit of a kick in the backside, and got me even more excited about my hobby.

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