Jun 142012

So first a question; are geeks actually sexy?

I know what can only be considered as more than my fair share of people who are happy to identify themselves as a geek. I have been a member of my local gaming society for over seventeen years and almost all of my friends have been met through the wide and varied social interactions that are part of being in a large society. Within said society that are some absolute lookers. Chaps and chapettes who would knock your socks off (for the record I don’t consider myself as being in that number, resembling a skinnier, paler version of Tommy Steele – ask your parents, I had to). These pretty, pretty people do make up the minority of the society, but casting a quick mental eye over the rest, it’s not like I hang out at homunculii anonymous either.

No, what we have is just a cross section of normal people. That’s right, just normal people. So lets start this out right; being a geek doesn’t make you in any way socially awkward or less attractive, but neither does being socially awkward or less attractive make you a geek. Outside of any industry of lifestyle in which physical appearance isn’t a prerequisite for, you get people from all walks of life; does everyone at a yacht club have a chiseled jaw or a waspish waist? Nope, they’re made up of a group of people who are all individuals and look as such. And if you base your opinions on a group because of the way they’re portrayed in TV shows and movies; please, jog on.

So, why, you ask third paragraph in, did I title this blog in the manner I did if I disagree with the statement? Well first off, I have dated geeks all of my adult life. Not all of them are gaming geeks though. One noteworthy exception simply could not get her head around what I did as a hobby and kinda looked down on it. But she was a huge music buff and what she didn’t know about punk/two-tone/ska/ska-punk and countless other genres, simply wasn’t worth knowing. In short, she was just as big a geek as me, it’s just that her quirky little interest/obsession was a tad more socially acceptable. I did soon turn her round on the gaming thing though, once she realized it wasn’t what so many people thought of it as – small groups of loners poring over the latest players handbook checking if they prefer it to the last edition – but was instead about fifty people meeting up once a week in a pub and drinking it out of real ale on a far too regular basis whilst hanging out, gaming, talking and having a laugh.

When we weren’t at the weekly meetings, we were kicking back in other pubs, at metal gigs and fests, watching movies, drinking and playing in bands of our own. So, geeky? Yes. More than that? Almost every damned time!

So, what is it that can make a geek sexy? Owning it! That doesn’t mean walking round in cosplay outfits all the time, but just not hiding who you are because of societal pressures. You know tons of useless crap about Trek? Cool. But I bet you also just know loads of other useless crap that’s the staple of pub conversation starters simply because your mind works well when it comes to reading something and keeping it there, ready to be unleashed just as someone takes that sip Copper Dragon you’re about to make them shout out of their nose.

I have spent countless hours with my friends and have loved every bit of it, knowing that they’re all so damned sexy just because they can make me laugh while talking about the mini-map radar on Fallout: New Vegas.

Keep it up, keep it right up.

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  1. I’m sexy

  2. Bravo! Well said ShortyMonster!

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