Jul 262013

After recording our latest podcast a week ago, it got me thinking about yet another stereotype that seems to get applied to gamer geeks everywhere: that we don’t like going outside and doing active things, and don’t enjoy sports. Well, straight off the bat, if gamer geeks are active outdoors men/women please explain the following.

But what I really want to get the hub of is the thought that we can’t enjoy more mainstream activities like cheering on a sports a team. Well, myself and co-host Rich spent a good long time discussing the various merits of that most noble of sporting pursuits; Test Match Cricket. in fact, we may have on about it for a bit too long in a podcast that’s only about 50 minutes long, but there is a whole lot that can be said about the game.

But I for one am also a Rugby League fan, and my fellow podcaster is a fan of the far inferior Rugby Union. In our gaming society, sport is often up for discussion, along with sailing, which one of our old guard has been doing for decades. We also have a whole bunch of us that go geocaching for a laugh. So please can all the non geeks please just drop this stereotype. We love sports and enjoy getting out and having fun just as much as anyone else does.
Unless I’m totally wrong in this. Any thoughts from my fellow geeks?

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  1. Geeks love sports because they are a combination of rules, statistics, and physical strength.

  2. Geek Physique is a Minneapolis-based meetup group that aims to provide fitness and sports activities that embrace being a geek. This may be simple stuff like archery (shooting at Dalek targets!) or frisbee golf, but also contains more exotic activities like Klingon Bat’leth training. I imagine that there are similar groups across the nation (and if not, why not start one?)

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