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myfarog-adventure1-front-page1I announced that I had applied to join this play test on the Facebook page for the blog a few days back, after getting the tip off from wonderful blogger – and fellow extreme metal fan – Cirsova. I jumped at the chance, but with a hint of nervous apprehension. You see, the game has been created by someone who is considered controversial, even in Black Metal circles: Varg Vikernes. I really don’t feel like listing here the reasons for this, as I spent a lot of time doing so for my one of my final year projects at university, but if you feel the need, it is easy to search for the information on Google (other search engines are available).

Suffice to say, ‘controversial’ doesn’t quite do it justice. Why then am I writing about this man, and doing so in a way that is going to be supportive? Do I agree with his politics and religious views? Absolutely not. What I can do though is differentiate between the man and the art. For instance, I adore his latest re-issues of the old Burzum material, as well as his later stuff. I also know that he is heavily inspired by the work of Tolkien, taking on a stage name of Count Grishnackh for a time, and even the band name ‘Burzum’, means ‘darkness’ in Black Speech. His personal background also included paying war-games and RPGs, something that I’m sure those people who oppose our hobby would be more than happy to tout as a reason to stop impressionable youths from doing so.

So, with all these things considered, I thought I had nothing to lose from just registering my interest. And Last night my mobile beeped notifying me of a new email, and lo and behold, it was the play test packet arriving in my inbox. It was a bit late for me to get into it by then, but I was very excited indeed and jumped online this morning to take a look. This post is not going to detail what I have found out so far, other than to say that it all looks good, and professionally put together. I had to a nondisclosure thing when I signed up, so there actually be big bits of the game that I won’t get the chance to go into detail on, we shall see… I’ve also been going back through the game’s website to download a couple of extra things to get myself prepared.

Now, as followers of the blog will know, I’m in the middle of reviewing Kuro, and will be finishing that review before I get too deep into MYFAROG, so have no fears there. But expect occasional updates about how I’m finding it on any of the social media channels I use, such as the aforementioned Facebook page, my Twitter account, or even on Google+. Let me know what you, my dedicated readers think about this, and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have.

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  1. I can’t wait to get a look under the hood. Hopefully Varg’ll get my packet to me later today.

  2. I had to look up the acronym MYFAROG. For the uninitiated like me, it stands for MYthic FAntasy ROleplaying Game.

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  4. So, how’s it coming?
    I’m finding that just rolling up a character is something of a chore because of how everything is spread out throughout the book. This is looking like it’ll be a hard sell to a new group of players. I’m enamored with the world, though, and am tempted to just take the Thule setting and run something like Labyrinth Lords with low technology and nothing but vikings.

    • Not gonna lie, the character generation is getting to me too. It sees like he wants the game to appeal to new role players, but isn’t doing enough to help them get into it. I’ve not got all the way through the book yet, but in the beginning he talks about only using select rules for the first game/s. Does he at any point offer up a quick start guide which just lists this basic set? If not, I think that he should seriously consider it. Might be one of my recommendations when i offer my first feed back.

      • Yeah, I’ve already posted on his blog that he needs to create a “quickstart your character” section and/or do an “anatomy of your character sheet” section.

        Also, I’m having a hard time equipping my character, because the cost of equipment is in a different chapter and in different tables from their effects/uses.

        For how important Stamina Points are (basically acting as hit points, magic points and action points all rolled into one), it’s odd that they’re not really discussed until the Stamina skill section, and I’m still not really sure how Power Levels work or what they mean (I could just be not far enough along).

        I really feel that once a character IS rolled up, the rest of the system itself shouldn’t be too hard to dive into, since it’s a lot like if you gave 3rd Ed D&D Final Fantasy II or Daggerfall’s levelling system. It’s just that GETTING there has been a bit arduous. I’ve worked on and off for maybe an hour and haven’t got my first character finished, though, so it’s definitely going to be a problem.

        • I’ve got to tell you, it’s getting harder and harder to give up my time to keep going through this. I have a couple of weeks off work, so I should be able to get through character gen and then try it with my girlfriend, to see if it works for people who haven’t read through it, but there’s just so many things I’d rather do that navigate the labyrinthine process.

          And if you’re wondering what else I’ve been up to? Well, a mate of mine has an online metal fanzine, and he’s asked me to come on board as a reviewer. Unpaid at the moment, but I get to keep the demo CDs!

          • Hey, that’s pretty sweet! Keep me posted on that. I’d love to give it a read.

            I’m pretty sure that even once I get a group of people together, I’m not going to subject them to the Alpha of MYFAROG. I’m conceding that it’s a better setting than it is a game. There may be a playable game in there somewhere (and some of the people on his blog even claim to be playing it), but it will need a total bottom-up rewrite to uncover it.

            As for myself, I’m considering doing a joke kickstarter for Towers of Dream, getting what is essentially a Con Module published in a hardbound format just to see if the OSR community will bite. I don’t want to turn it on til it’s DONE, as that seems to be the thing that’s the bane of all these OSR kickstarters.

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