Jul 082013

OK, he may actually have been legendary for ages, but since I’d never heard of him until this evening, I really couldn’t say. This is going to be a very short blog post, and only really RPG related at the peripheries of the hobby, but it still needs attention drawn to it.

I’m a big fan of geeks, being one, it’s probably a good idea. but sometimes they can be douche bags. Not all of you, but the ones I’m talking about are mainly dudes – some women too, so if you are a douchy women geek, pay attention too – who think they have a right to comment on the geek credentials of others, just because they have one less penis than you seem to think is a prerequisite for true geekhood. This story isn’t specifically about that, but touches a lot of the same bases. Cosplayers are awesome, and it shouldn’t matter one jot as to who they are, what their gender is, or what they look like; they’re kicking ass and taking names in any number of awesome ways.

Some people will fell the need to belittle them though, for whatever small and petty reason occurs to them. Matt Fraction has their number though. And I for one support him, and invite the whole lot of you misogynistic geeky elite pricks to follow his advice. Click the image for the full story, courtesy of Tor.


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