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That’s right, I’ve been at this blogging lark for a whole year! This post by its very nature is going to be a bit self referential, but there is something interesting coming up. If you want to, just skip to the end, I don’t mind. Seriously, I’m going to be talking about numbers later…

tumblr_lmmlc0C0OZ1qzd83tWhen I started this blog, I had some definite ideas about what I wanted it to be, and where I wanted it to take me. It took me less than a month to totally change almost every bit of that original plan. I was planning on a general geeky blog, covering all of my hobbies and interests, instead of just focusing on the role playing. It turns out though, that I have way more to say about gaming than I do any of the other things that interest me. And the times when I do talk about them, I still look at them as a gamer. I talk about computer games in terms of what they can tell us about role playing, and what we can steal from them at our table top sessions. I look at movies that I enjoy because I can see the cross over potential of running a game based in the same universe. And don’t get me started on how much I look at historical warfare and weaponry, just to steal things for games.

The blog has helped me realise that I have a whole bunch of creative energy that I was only really using when I was sat around a gaming table with friends. It found several outlets though, but none of them as satisfying as what I have done since I started the blog. I would write long and in-depth character diaries for the PCs that I loved, but only my gaming group ever really read them. I have a great time creating worlds and stories, but only the players sat in front of me would ever to share them with me. Hell, on occasion I would sit for hours sketching tattoos for fictional criminal cartels, but they would just sit on the forums they were created for. As a side note, as soon as I have the spare cash, I’m totally getting this one inked on me.

These days though, I write adventures, a weekly column, my own RPG, and even freelance for a kick ass British RPG company. My stuff is getting seen, and it’s fantastic! Now for the boring bit I’m afraid, as I wonder at just how many people get to see my stuff. In one year, there has been 34,227 views of the various pages I blog on. This does not include sites that I don’t manage, so I imagine there’s at least four or five people out there who check out my other stuff too. The thing is, I have no idea if that’s good or not. It averages out at about 94 views per pay day. I know a lot of bloggers get that before lunch, but they’ve been at it a hell of a lot longer than I have. Regardless, I’m pretty damned pleased with that level of traffic to this site.

I have a Twitter account with over 120 followers, and my Facebook page for the blog has over 50 likes. Through that in with a good couple of hundred people who have me in circles on G+, and I think I do OK. If you do like what I do though, please tell your mates about me. Well, the ones who game anyway. It would be a bit weird of you were trying to get someone who has no interest in the hobby reading this.

OK, that’s the boring stuff out of the way! Lets talk about something new. Some of you may have noticed recently that I changed up the look of the blog recently, basically adding a few bells and whistles to it in an effort to make it look a little bit more professional. So far the response has been mainly positive, although I’m still having issues getting the new theme to look good on mobile devices. What I could really do with though is a better logo. The one you see above this post was hastily drawn by me in about an hour, and coloured by a mate of mine who added the text too. It’s done it’s job well, but I think that it needs a change.

So, if there are any artists – graphic or traditional – out there amongst my readership, why don’t you take a shot at designing something that will be on the top of every page of this blog, for the foreseeable future. I have very little to offer in the way of prizes, but I will pimp the crap out of any site your other art can be found on, linking to it every chance I get, but what little else I have to offer is also going your way. I promise that for one whole year, anything I put up up on DriveThru will be yours for free. This will hopefully include a brand new RPG system, along with any adventures, or other RPG stuff that I write. Hell, I’ll even through in the stuff I already have on there too. As I say, it might not be much, but it is all I have to offer.

If you do want to enter this competition, just send me your submission to shorty[underscore]monster[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk or throw a link to it in the comments section below and I’ll pick my favourite one month from now. Oh, and if you were ever thinking about sharing this page, then now is the time. To get as many entries as possible, it would be great if people could could give this post some online love.

So that’s that, and with the exception of the contest, everything should carry on as usual from here on in. Big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to pop onto this blog, especially if you have taken the time to join in a discussion, and even more so if you’ve helped me out by talking about me on your own blogs and social media worlds. It’ because of of the people who come here that I’ve kept this thing going!

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  1. Happy bloggaversary!

  2. Congratulations!

    • Thanks boss, and thanks for all the nice things you’ve said about my blog this last year.

      • No problem. Along with Teleleli, yours was one of the first blogs I started following when I got into game blogging myself, so it’s been a bit of an inspiration.

  3. Keep up the good work and good luck!

  4. Congratulations, sir.

  5. Congratulations! I discovered your blog after you started posting on mine. Although JourneymanGM.com is now on indefinite hiatus, I feel that in a sense the spirit of the blog is able to continue on in your blog and others like it. Here’s to another year!

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