Jun 132013

Not too long ago i was pimping for votes to try and win a coveted site of the year contest. I knew that the competition I was going up against was fierce, so I was very happy that anyone took the time to vote for me. The site that was running the competition was actually pretty close to my heart anyway, as I’ve spent the last few months writing a weekly column over there.

The site itself – Stuffer Shack in case you were wondering – is going through a few changes at present, so I thought I’d draw your attention to what’s happening over there, while also sending you off to read some of my other bits of writing. Pretty much from day one of this blog, and were are rapidly closing in on that anniversary, the head honcho at Stuffer Shack has been nothing but supportive of me. Heck he even pays me a bit for my column, which is more than most sites do. He has always been very up front about the kind of content he wanted from me, and it suited me down to the ground, as it’s very much different to what I do here, or on the Rise of the Automata site. I get the chance to be as creative I like, writing plot seeds, characters and even unique items, none of which needs to be system specific.

What he also does though is run another site, much more similar to what I do on my blog; general RPG chit chat and opinion, with a healthy mix of advice. So, if you like what I do here, and want the chance to take a look at a much more professional looking outfit, written by a whole bunch of talented creators, then head on over and check out the Gamer Effect too.

As to my column, well at the moment I’m having an awful lot of fun re imagining some characters that I’ve either created in the past, or seen played by others. To make sure I can claim it all as my own work though, I have been changing plenty of details, and sometimes keeping nothing but the name or a physical description. I’m currently in the middle of re-writing an old adventuring group I was part of. We were a bunch of con-men and thieves, but only one of us was dedicated to the life. the rest were mostly nice people just making ends meet. So I have been taking the time to create them again as true blue villains, wondering just what it would have taken in their past to drive them to wanton criminality. Lucius was the first, and the character I created. He is pretty much as he was played, but check out the other entries after that to see what I’ve done with the rest of the gang so far. If I’ve worked it out right, this time tomorrow, there should be a fourth member of the crew gone live on Stuffer Shack.

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  1. Glad you joined us, bud. I look forward to your posts over there every Friday, as I’ve stolen some of your ideas for my games on more than a few occasions.

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