May 162013

Only found this out as I surfed through my twitter feed and saw a post from the always excellent Heropress. I’m not really going to be able to do much more justice (you see what I did there) than he does, so why don’t you head on over and take a look. Following the links through his post will also land you firmly in Judge Minty territory, one of the finest fan made movies I’ve ever seen.

But if for some reason you don’t fancy wasting valuable mouse clicking energy to visit a superb blog, then I suppose I could just pop the new trailer down here, couldn’t I?


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  1. Thank you for the kind words :) One of the things that makes Minty stand out is that it sticks to the source material (the 2000AD comic strips) – something the latest cinematic outing failed most spectacularly to do. My slight concern with Cursed Edge is that is seems to be taking the movie as its inspiration rather than the comic strips.

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