Apr 222013

I am once again dipping my toes in the pool of adventure writing. This time I have actually done a small amount of market research into what kind of things people look for in a adventure that they would be willing to spend their hard earned money on. Sadly I have come to realise that until I can get work writing for an actual games company, I’m never going to be able to produce anything that has mass appeal. One of the things almost everyone seems to look for in an adventure they’re going to hand over money for, is that it take little to no effort on their part to run the adventure.

This means stat blocks and maps, with some player handouts for good measure. Now, it should be obvious that without having any system for my adventures, that I can’t use any stats unless it is a creative commons game system. Although these exist, there are so far none out there that I’m familiar enough with to use. If anyone has any suggestions then please share them here, and if I find one that suits my style of writing, I’ll happily give it a shot, and hopefully be able to produce something that will have an inbuilt audience.

The other thing that people seem to look for though is simplicity. They don’t want a huge complicated adventure that will require a certain amount of rail-roading of their players if they want it to make sense. They wanted simple points of inspiration that they could mold and adapt to the game they wanted to run, and the one their group wanted to play. With this in mind, I have tried something a bit different for my next shot at uploading something to DriveThru.

Instead of pages and pages of stuff that might never get read other than for flavour, I have tried to just lay down the basic framework of an adventure over two pages – including a few brief descriptions of the main non player characters – and just put it out there. I can’t take total credit for this one on my own though, as the idea was actually inspired by a game my girlfriend ran a couple of years back. I have done what I could to make it my won, so much so that were my delightful better half take a shot at playing the game, she wouldn’t know what was going to happen.

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I have done nothing but set the scene, provide history to said scene, and break down into bullet points what is actually happening in the scene. And then, as mentioned, throw in some brief descriptions of the people that the player characters are more likely to meet. I could have spent time populating more of the town at this point, but I know any GM worth their salt knows who is needed in any settlement that the players will enter, and the more detail I was adding, the more it was moving away from being the basic bare bones of an adventure that I wanted it to be

Here then is the link to it, and I think you’ll agree the price is pretty reasonable. As always, I’d love to get some feedback, especially what you think about my writing going in this direction, or if you have any advice on systems that I might be able to write for. If you’re a blogger and fancy a review copy, then let me know, and I’ll happily wing a free one your way.

In other news, at time of writing, Stuffer Shack have yet to announce the finalists to theirSOTY-Shield-2013-1 site of the year contest. you remember, that thing I wouldn’t shut up about last week! Well, if you lot voted in the numbers I had no right to expect, then I might actually be in the final four. This link should take you to right page anyway, and even if you don’t see my name, you should vote for one of the sites that did make it. To have come so far is great for any site, and they deserve your support. And if you do see my name, well then it’s time to rally the troops again, and get everyone you know/have ever met/that strange dude on the train to vote for me. Getting this far would be awesome, going all the way would make my year…

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