May 152013

RPGBlogCarnivalLogocopy1-227x300I’m a big fan of a blog carnival, and even happier when they’re hosted by a blog I already love. So Age of Ravens popping up to write about the campaign they want to run had me thinking long and hard. And sad to say, I’m not really itching to run a new campaign anytime soon. I’m at the tail end of a long game, and it’s been great fun, but I’m looking forward to taking a player role next year, and not just because it means not dragging down a whole bunch of books to the pub every week. OK, it’s kind of that.

I think that almost all GMs should take some time off every once in a while. There are exceptions to that, and some GMs seem to thrive off it, never returning to play a game except for short bursts. I already know what game I’m going to be running next as a campaign, and I’m really looking forward to it, but it’s going to be over a year until I even need to start pitching it to potential players. So instead of getting myself all excited for about a game that I’m over a year away from touching, instead I’m going to look at a mythical campaign that I have thought about, but never found the time to run.

I want to start a game where the player characters are all children. Orphans in fact in a Steampunk/Victoriana game. They will begin with next to no skill points, and only equipment that they can steal and scavenge, and that no one else has stolen from them. By the end of the campaign, I would love to see at least one them involved in national politics, with the others of roughly comparable power and influence. This is a very tall order, and I’m not even too sure just how it would happen. I do know that it would take an awfully long time to get through such a campaign, and who has that kind of time?

Maybe when I was younger, and my gaming buddies had the free time afforded to them by being feckless students and the unemployed – just kidding guys, it was great, and we all had fun – but these days, even being underemployed myself, I find my time taken up by trying to get some writing projects off the ground and do something that I’m passionate about instead of just to make ends meet. And that is the crux of this post.

The campaign I want to run is never going to happen. Not because I can’t find a system that will work – Age Of Ravens has a whole slew of Steampunk¬† games listed for me to choose from – or that I have problems finding a group. I actually role play weekly, but the confines of that are that a game can only last a full academic year, and that just isn’t long enough for what I have in mind. Maybe, just maybe, when I’m old and retired, and still gaming (of course I will be, if I haven’t given it up in the last twenty years, I can’t see it ever happening) I might go back to this blog post, get the gang back together, and try and get the campaign finished before one of us dies.


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