Shorty Monster’s guide to Historical weapons for RPGs


In an attempt to make my more popular weapon posts easily accessible, I have decided to put links to them all in one place. On this page they are in no particular order, but will be clearly labelled with a small abstract for those who need it. If you require these is a pdf document, I have the work you on that score too. Just click the link, and for less than a buck, you can get all of the following, properly edited and presented as articles, rather than blog posts.

Of course, I will be adding more posts on a historical nature, and all links will be added to this page. If you have paid for the document, do not fear as I will be updating the file on Drivethru, and you will receive notifications whenever there’s anything new for you.

The Sling. A hugely successful ranged weapon utilised throughout the world during the classical period. Although it declined in use during the medieval period, there are still plenty of reasons why it could be used more in RPGs.

Zweihänders. A true two handed sword that didn’t really see much use until the Renaissance. Presented here are facts about metallurgy and tactics, along with plenty of reasons why it is a very suitable sword for your adventurer.

Black Powder weapons. With a rise in Steampunk and pirate games, black powder weapons are turning up more and more in RPGs. If you’ve ever needed more information on the use and maintenance of such firearms, then look no further.

The Murder Strike. Not so much a weapon specific post, but rather a combat technique that will allow your fighters to get more use out of their long swords.

Medieval Crossbows. There is a lot more to crossbows than is usually seen in the rules of most role playing games. So I have put together a bit more information about the options open to you if you want to play an archer with a difference.

The warbow. The post that started it all, and by far and away the post popular thing I have written. An absolute must read for anyone who fancies playing an archer in any system or setting.

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