Sep 012012

This post is going to start off a little self congratulatory, but I promise that I’ll stick something in at the end that’s about role playing, just to keep everyone happy. I woke this morning to a lovely email informing me that I was Stuffer Shack’s favourite RPG blog site of the month! Click the badge to the right to head over the site that’s given me this honour. As you can imagine, that made me very happy indeed!

From the start of this blog there have been several sites and individuals that have offered me help and advice, and Stuffer Shack was one of the first; right out the gate they were happy to lend a hand with everything from site design to ways to drive engagement with the site, and I don’t think that I would be deserving of this award if it wasn’t for a lot of their help. I’ve not even been at this blogging lark for for three months yet, so to get some recognition this early on is a great boost to my confidence, and a huge incentive to keep putting out great content for everyone who enjoys what I produce. So thanks to everyone for the help, kind words of encouragement, and in G*M*S Magazine’s case, sponsorship. And now onto some thoughts on magic weapons in fantasy role playing.

This idea came to me this morning, almost immediately after waking, and so may have been the result of an unremembered dream. I know that sounds a bit hippy-ish, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. It stems from reading someone else’s blog – sadly I’m unable to remember whose, but if they’re reading this, please let me know so I can link to the source of my inspiration – who was talking about under powering magic weapons a little, or at least giving them a cost to use them. True, there are weapons that are just so well made that they may give a small bonus anyway; I believe the term is master crafted. That’s all well and good for a plus one here or there, but to make a truly powerful magic weapon – anything +3 or higher I’d say – it shouldn’t be a case of the weapon always being active, it’s just too powerful to maintain at all times. If you really need to to gain the full effect of the weapon, when fighting someone a bit tougher than the usual kobolds, then you need to concentrate to activate the power within the weapon.

I see this working by giving an equal negative modifier to all other tests as the weapon gives to attack/damage rolls; so a +5 attack/damage would be -5 to all other tests and saves. Since in combat you don’t really make tracking or lock picking rolls, the issue shouldn’t be that great, but imagine if it was also taken off your dexterity based AC modifier? You would have a much better chance of dealing some awesome damage, but at the cost of concentrating on the power of the weapon, so that you’re not dodging blows as much as you usually would. I understand that there are combat moves that do this already, but if the magic weapon can stack with the bonuses and negatives, it would make for a very interesting kind of combat indeed.

The idea seems so simple, it may very well be that it’s been used before and I’ve not noticed it, but either way, I think it could be fun. As ever, sound off below if you have any thoughts on the subject.

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