Apr 162013

SOTY-Shield-2013-1By the time you’re reading this, the next round of voting should have begun, and that means you can vote for yours truly. Because of the draw it also means I am up against my own site’s sponsors, and all round good guys, G*M*S Magazine. This presents you with an interesting option; do you vote for me, the humble underdog, or a massive site full of amazing writing and podcasts, and allow me to bask in the reflected glory I will get from being a part of the G*M*S Magazine network?

Now it’s true to say that the amazing and attractive people over at G*M*S totally deserve your vote – and I’m not just saying that due to a contractual sponsorship arrangement – but they have a legion of fans who I’m sure are currently being mobilized to storm Stuffer Shock with a barrage of votes. So instead, why not show some support to the new kid on the block, and a blog that you’ve been visiting now or almost a year.

So what are you waiting for, head on over and show me some love!

  4 Responses to “Stuffer Shack voting: Day two.”

  1. Aww, heck, if Id’d known, I’d've entered myself. That’s what I get for using RPGBA as my only RPG RSS. Anyway, Cirsova votes for you!

  2. You got my vote. You can return the love tomorrow when Black Campbell is up for the vote.

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