Oct 172012

Big thank you to everyone who got involved in this, for a final roll call and what it has meant for the blog, click here. And if you do want an NPC, check back next November, when I do it all again. For now though the offer is closed…

That’s right, yesterday we passed the 10,000 page views mark. This is great news for a blog that’s only just over four months old, and as such I couldn’t help but celebrate. I was wondering how best to do it, and after a while realised that best thing to do would be to offer something to the community that has made me feel so welcome.

Since I started writing on here, the RPG community online has been amazing. I’ve gotten to make friends, and contacts, from all over the place. I’ve even got sponsorship from a truly top notch Chap. People have been so open in sharing what they know, and what they’ve been working on. I have a folder on my desk top with over thirty free RPGs in it that people just put out there for anyone to play. In other posts I’ve spoken about designing a card game of my own, that when it’s complete will be available to download for free. That’s not quite enough though, and still some ways off.

So what I’m offering, is a free NPC that I will write up for you, for anyone who comments on this blog post. I was originally thinking of something like asking you to click the Facebook ‘Like’ button for this blog to grab your free NPC, but if you like it, the button’s right there on the home page and you should click it anyway. Instead, all you need to do is write something below. If you don’t mind what you get, just a quick, ‘hello, can I have my free thingy’ will be enough, but if you want something genre specific, tell me what you have in mind. The only thing I won’t be doing is stats for any systems.

There are simply too many out there and I do not know them all. I will make it clear in the description and background what they’re good and/or bad at, and trust the people who know the systems better than I to work the numbers out. So, if you want a spacefaring pirate, a child in a Steampunk game, or anything else at all, just let me know, and I’ll get right on it. Closing date for this offer will be one month from today, so the 17th of November. I will endeavour to reply as speedily as possible, but depending on demand, it could take a wee bit longer. Oh, and if you like your NPC, and this idea in general, then please send your friends here. The kind nature and sharing of cool stuff that people find out there is what keeps this community so interesting.

Kind regards, and massive thank yous to everyone. Shorty