Jun 252013

A bit of a cross post this one, as I know that this blog gets more traffic than the fledgling site I’ve set up for the RPG itself. I’ve spent the last few days putting together a first draft of the character creation system for my Steampunk game, and I’d like to see how well it works. Now, I have plans this evening to take it down to my local gaming society weekly meet up and run a handful of people through it, just to see if it works how I want it to, and see how easy it is to break.

This is all well and good, but I’ll be there to help out and make things clearer if my writing has so far not been up to the challenge. What I’d like to know as well, is if people can just run through it without me, and still end up following it. For that I will need the help of the wider gaming community. If you have the time and inclination, I would love it if you could take a shot at creating a character, and letting me know how it all goes. Any problems you come across now will help me iron them out to make it better as I move forward with the project. I’ll give anyone who helps out play tester credit, and if there’s any bloggers out there who want to lend a hand, I’ll do my best to send as many people your way as possible as thanks.

All the info is in the following post, but this link will take you directly to the character creation document that’s sat in my Dropbox account. And if you have fun with it, please feel free to tell others who might get a kick out of it. I know this is still very much early days, but starting word of mouth early shouldn’t do any harm at all. Thanks in advance, and I hope you like what I’ve got done so far.