Sep 072012

To everyone who knows me, they know that until I get a real job, there’s little I can do to support the great Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects that are out there. Seriously, there’s loads of them out there that I want to be able to support.

Luckily, I am in a position to do something today, and until Paco makes the money he needs. Click here to find the full details, and watch the video too. If you’re wondering why I’m getting so behind it, then find some of the G*M*S Magazine podcasts. The man has a great interview technique and giving him the chance to get the skinny on a big event that I won’t be able to get to is very much in my interest, as well as anyone else who can’t make the trip.

The link to the right of this post will hover on my home page for the next couple of weeks, and I hope all my readers out there take the time to click it and donate as much as they are able to. If you have your own blog, link me to it, and I’ll take a look around and post some incisive comments on your wonderful content.