Sep 062013

A few years ago now, as part of university project looking at heritage sites within the City of London, I came across a little gem named Postman’s Park. It’s reason for existing is simple; a place for postmen working in London to take their ease and recreation. But the reason for me bringing it to your attention as a source of inspiration is actually down to an Eminent Victorian named George Frederic Watts who had the rather wonderful idea of preserving the memory of a number of individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice whist saving the lives of others.

Each instance is recorded on hand painted ceramic plates, and details how the person died, and whom they were trying to save. Sometimes exciting, always tragic, and occasionally enough to bring an amused smile to your face, there is plenty here to get your teeth into. Not only does it paint a picture of life in Victorian London, but it is at the same time one the saddest and most uplifting places you can go.


This link will take you to a website that – once you scroll down past the author’s thoughts – has images of almost every plate in Postman’s Park. Take your time to read them, and if you ever find yourself in London, please try and visit. And I’m sure at least one of these stories will inspire in you in some way.

Apr 252013

I came across this story on Facebook not too long ago. The gentleman who shared it is also a gamer, and mentioned everyone’s favourite Elder god in his post about the story. I wouldn’t want to have everyone jumping to the same conclusion though, so head on over and read for yourself about the massive submerged bronze age statue.


I can’t wait to get some better images of it than this though…