Oct 202012

As my readers probably know, I’ve recently hit a big milestone, and offered something to the whole gaming community online. For anyone who asked, I would write a background and description of one NPC of their choice. So far I’ve had a great response, but I could’t have done it without the support of a few other RPG bloggers. They will be listed below in no particular order, but you should all go over and pay them a visit.

G*M*S magazine, my site’s sponsor, has been good enough to tweet to his whole audience about the offer, so you should all go over there right now, and thank him by downloading his podcast. They’re always golden, and worth listening to if you have any interest in RPGs, board games, or how to make them.

Tenkar’s Tavern took the time (apologies for the heavy alliteration there) to promote my idea too. They’re one of the best known, and in my opinion, consistently  awesome OSR blogs out there. Sure, there are others, but this is the one you should be checking out. And I say this as someone who makes no claim to be part of the OSR movement, but loves awesome blogs.

Hero Press also gave me great coverage. This a perfect example of a catch all blog, with cool video links and trailers, some great inspirational images, and some top notch RPG commentary too. Add it to your reader, you won’t want to miss a thing that gets posted on this site.

Cirsova was nice enough to talk about me too, and even share the NPC that I created for them. The blog is one built around world design, and not only is it a great read, but contains some lovely inspiration for any other people out there wanting to do the same.

I hope my readers take the time to explore those sites, and if any other bloggers out there want an NPC, I will happily link to your site.

  5 Responses to “Thank you for your support, a list of awesome bloggers.”

  1. Thanks for the kind words. You’re doing a great job here – I particularly enjoy articles where you bring your historical knowledge in to play. Keep it up!

    • Cheers mate! I was planning on something for crossbows next, but I think I need to do a bit more reading before it’s ready. Black powder weapons in the age of sail though, I know enough about that to get something done in no time!

  2. I definitely enjoy the pieces that you do, shorty, and it’s clear that your knowledge is wide and deep. I have had particular occasion to refer to your horror series for the production of the Heart of Darkness module!

  3. [...] Shorty Monster posted a list of bloggers who helped him out recently with a big milestone – G*M*S Magazine, Tenkar’s Tavern, Hero Press, and Cirsova. It’s always nice to offer some recognition to those who offer support, so this is awesome. [...]

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