May 142013
The cover is simple, the adventure is thrilling...

The cover is simple, the adventure is thrilling…

The name De La Poer may be familiar to some of you. He was a real person, who appeared in one of the finest series of steampunk novels I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I liked the name so much, I stole it for an Unhallowed Metropolis game I once ran, and totally planned on turning into a full adventure. I never got round to that for a couple of reasons. Firstly, something that big would need a system behind it, and I have no permission to use the UnMet system for such an endeavour. Secondly, it was a very big undertaking for some one so new to the field of adventure writing.

This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking about doing so, just that I’m changing my methods slightly. Instead of one huge adventure, I will be taking key scenes from the entire story arc, and doing them as stand alone two-page adventure seeds. I have taken one of the final scenes as a trial run, just to see how it works, and will be putting more out as and when I get the idea down to just a couple of pages. They will not be released in order, but when they’re all out there, I will be making them available as a bundle on DriveThruRPG, along with an extra sheet detailing how they all came together.

If the thought of that interests you, then by all means wait a while, and grab the whole lot for a cheaper price so you can take a look at the whole picture. If you’re a bit impatient though, the adventure that takes place in an old abandoned mine is now very much ready for you take a look at. As with all my stuff, there are no stat lines as there is no system tied to it, but the basic idea is totally covered, and I even introduce you to a monster of my own creation in this one. Either click the image to the left, or the following link to head straight on over, and don’t forget that the link in the sidebar takes you through to all of my DriveThru products.

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