Nov 012012

I have a seen a lot Kickstarters recently, some that work, some that don’t, some that never had a chance to fail, some that staggered belief in their far reaching goals. This week though, the crowd funding platform went live this side of the pond, and a lot of gamers I know, myself included, are looking at it as a way of getting our ideas into other people’s hands. Come the end of NaGa DeMon I will hopefully have something ready to get play tested, and start thinking about doing some real formatting and art for it.

The ground is currently being tested by the great chaps at 6D6 who have launched their Kickstarter as soon as they were able to. I imagine a load of people will be keeping a very close eye on this to see how it goes for them. I wish I could do more than just watch from the sidelines, and if you have the cash, I advise you take a swing on this one. The offers they have are fantastic, with a whole bunch of stuff available for very little expenditure. And the six month offer is frankly inspired. Get on over there now, and check them out.

Now, I don’t usually do this kind of blog post, and please don’t get cross me with me. I am getting nothing for doing this apart from a nice warm feeling that one of my readers might put some money their way, and when they fund – and I get a real job – I will be able to find this awesome product in my FLGS. Just for the record, i would totally go for the Zombie pack…

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