May 212013

I saw this yesterday on HeroPress – I’m seeing a lot of cool things on there at the moment, you should probably go and check them out – and realised that it was something I wanted to get behind. You see, Tim Brannan is doing his bit to help out a bloghop that exists to combat homophobia and transphobia. If you’re unsure of what either of those terms means, “being a turbo powered douche nozzle bigot” also covers it. To fully take part in said bloghop, you are expected to be someone who actually writes about such matters. It should be clear by now that although this blog occasionally drifts off topic, it’s an RPG blog, and doesn’t really fall into that category.


That’s not to say this kind of thing doesn’t affect the hobby, and that people shouldn’t write about it with regard to role playing, but for me, it is rarely an issue. And this is with various members of my gaming society comfortable out, or cross dressing when they rock up to the table. The reason it’s not an issue is that we do not in any way tolerate any kind of wrong headed bigotry in our society. It still needs to be talked about though, until everyone else gets it into their heads that there are certain behaviours that are purely dickish and should not be allowed in a polite and reasonable society.

So here’s me, doing a small part, and at least directing anyone who reads this blog to the right place if they want to join in. And I really hope that if you have anything to say on the subject, that you do. If people don’t stand up in the face of such small mindedness, then we’ll be nothing better than UKIP. And that thought just makes me shudder.

One small caveat though. The Other Side blog is offering an extra prize for anyone who shares this bloghop. It’s quite a lovely little prize, written by the man himself, but I have no use for it, as I do not play any OSR games. So, I’m either going to ask to be removed from the draw, or I will forward the prize onto anyone else who gives me a good enough reason to. I’m not doing it for the prize, lovely though it is, I’m promoting this because it’s something I believe in.

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  1. Thanks for the plug! If you want to withdraw your name or give it to someone else, that is fine. Just let me know!

    • It’ll probably be easier to just take my name out of the draw. I’d rather it went to someone who really wanted it. As I say, I’m joining in because it’s something worth talking about.

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