May 102013

As threatened, we have a new podcast up on our podbean page. Although the timing may not be perfect, we do love talking about some scary movies. As regulars to this blog would know I do love all manner of scary things, posting repeatedly about horror role playing games. There’s a whole bunch of love given the legend that is Bruce Campbell in this episode, along with talking in some detail about the various incarnations of the Halloween movies.

A word of warning though, thisĀ  – like all of our podcasts – is very much not safe for work. We use bad language is what I’m saying, not that we get naked.

We also put out a call for guests with interesting things to talk about who might want to talk about them with us. Just give any of the episodes a listen before you volunteer though; we have very adult senses of humour. And if you’re looking for all the links to things we discuss, you should join in our Facebook page as we pop them up between episodes to keep people entertained.

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