May 242013

As you are, by now, no doubt aware, myself and long time friend record a fortnightly podcast. Although we are both gamers, we only really dwell on the topic if we think the story about it is funny enough to make a few non-gamers chuckle along with the rest of us. So although my Cyberpunk game finished recently, it got barely a mention, and we spent a lot more time talking about fear. I have blogged on this subject on the past, especially with regards to how to run as scary a horror role playing game as possible, and the two of us both love scary movies and all things horror related.

We do try to inject a note of humour into things though, even when discussing the terror of finding a live spider in your bed in the middle of the night. We also finish up our horror movie remake discussion, which drifts into Hellraiser territory, and made me wonder about the possibility of an RPG set within such a world. And just which side of the fence the players would come down. Maybe a subject for another blog. For now though, either head on over, check out the Facebook page for links to all the stories we discuss, or just listen using the widget below.

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