Oct 022012

Just a quick post today about the fact there’s now a Facebook page for this blog. This was done on theĀ realizationĀ - with some help from a friend – that not everyone who comes to by blog gets here by subscription or RSS at the moment. Instead they spot me talking about my blog online, and decide to take a look at what I’m talking about. The Facebook page will allow me to reach out to a few extra people who could miss some of my posts and help keep everyone in the loop.

It’s also there for anyone who wants to talk about the topics covered by my blog, who may not want to post in the comments section. I’ll also be checking on it almost daily if people have any questions about the blog or anything else to do with role playing that they think I might be able to answer.

So, if you like the blog, and want to keep up to date on what’s happening about it, click the link and admit to the world that you like it! All the cool kids are doing it, and you may even make some of them as new friends.

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