The Jaguar temple is located at the center of town in the centre of Gurgaon, a prominent city in the northernmost Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The temple, built centuries ago, is dedicated to the God Jaguar and it is one of the oldest surviving structures in the city. The slot machines located here are operated using traditional Indian gambling methods and thus, are considered legal in the state. While playing slots at the Jaguar temple you have the opportunity to get information about the various historical events in the region, learn about various symbols used for counting the jackpot, and see the beautiful scenery around the temple area. However, there are some restrictions with regard to the number of players that can be seen on a single line at any given time.

To play the Jaguar temple slot machine you need to purchase a ticket from a dealer who will provide you with details about the game and the bonus features. The jackpot on this slot machine is worth much more than what you would expect, and so this casino game is a popular choice among locals as well as tourists. The top jackpot on the jaguar temple slot machine is awarded for hitting five of the identical symbol on a single jackpot line. These highly valuable symbols are Represented by ancient wall paintings of the various types of wild animals that inhabit the rich Aztec jungle.

There are generally three symbols to be hit on each line – a total bet of at least 200 dollars and an upright ‘X’ to signify that you have hit your five marks. If you hit all five symbols then the total prize will be multiplied by five for the grand prize. This means that a maximum of two hundred and twenty dollars can be won. As with all slot machines in India, a win takes you to one level of the jackpot – hence a maximum of two hundred and fifty dollars can be won.

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