One of the hottest new casino games on the Internet is Jetsetter, a highly-themed, flash-based, casino game that makes players enjoy the best elements of gambling, without the stress. You may remember the days when casino goers would gamble with their hearts, hoping to hit lucky, even if they were only playing for their skins. The advent of systems such as Jetsetter makes playing the same old, casino game, but with more exciting twists (such as, say, video poker or instant games) a whole lot more exciting. If you’re looking for an online casino game with a lot of “mood”, Jetsetter is the one to play.

In Jetsetter by Endorphin, you get to enjoy the excitement and fun in a highly themed, exciting 5-reel casino game. If that brief introduction has not convinced you of the greatness of this game, let me take a closer look at Jetsetter today. Players are taken on a journey through a fantasy world, which is populated by animated characters and magical creatures, where players can win valuable” Coins” that are used to purchase special “Shots” and “Reels”, the latter being tools used in playing the game. Here’s a rundown of Jetsetter, so that you can decide whether it is the game for you.

The first thing you’ll notice about Jetsetter is that it uses mostly” Coin” based luck. When you place your bets, the reels randomly pull a random number of symbols from a set of thirteen symbols arranged in a regular grid on the playing card symbols. While some of the cards are “Pre Ordered”, meaning they are already pulled from the deck, there are also a couple of random choices. This means that while the odds of pulling a specific symbol from the pack are low, the odds of pulling any symbol from the pack are high – and that’s what makes Jetsetter a unique slot machine game.

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