Stepping into a world where you’ll never be fully comfortable, you’ll discover yourself hooked on the addictive fun that Monster Wheels is. The colorful figures that move, leap and slide their way across the reels are enough to give you a high as they race against you to earn coins and other things. There are plenty of levels and exciting game types to keep you engaged. Some of them are race games while others are puzzles and thinking games.

Riving fast animations and lively characters will just add fuel to the fire blazing within the slot machine’s colorful background and roaring with rage in the old-school, full-throttle reel grid that has two layouts. Monster Wheels slots is a wild beastly marriage of old-school and new-age gameplay over 5 reels and plenty of rows. In this challenging yet rewarding game, you are the predator moving through the jungle on a motorcycle searching for the uncharted territories where the vicious and ferocious monsters reside. You’ll meet lots of interesting characters along your journey as well as allies who can help you fight your way through the jungle. The goal is simple: clear all the stages to win.

Monster Wheels is based on the hit television series of the same name. The animated adaption of the classic game is designed to take you back to the wild west and the crazy perils awaiting those who get in. You are sure to find this one to go down in the most enjoyable categories of all time when it launches on iOS later this year. We expect many more versions of this addictive and entertaining game to come, including a possible Switch version. The graphics, audio and Switch ways of playing make this one of the best available on the App Store for mobile devices.

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