Shogun of time casino game takes place in a beautifully illustrated digital world, and the visuals and sound effects are surprisingly great. In the beginning, players meet a mysterious female samurai-clad girl who travels with a trader, Raiden, across an ancient Japan ruled by the Shogun of time. The two encounter many obstacles and battles along the way, and the unique blend of action and adventure are definitely worth the price. Playing as the female warrior, the player can switch between the warrior mode and the princess mode, each with different strategies and gameplay. Playing either as the male samurai, the player will have a chance to earn the maximum number of coins possible, which can be used for upgrading various weapons and items.

Playing as the strong male warrior, the player engages in numerous attacks on Raiden’s fortress, which slowly falls to the control of the strong samurai. Playing as the female warrior, players engage in many battles with the cybernetically enhanced Raiden. The powerful female character is able to enter and exit the fortress at will, and she is also capable of switching between her two modes, depending on which position she is in when the timer starts. The graphics and sound are very nice and fit the theme of the game quite well, and although there is no online forum, I believe that there are enough video guides out there to answer most questions about Samurai of Time Online Slot Machine. This is one of my favorite casino games and I highly recommend it.

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