Universal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse, a casino game, is one of the few games that doesn’t really require any calculation. You just count the numbers of “cameos” you have in front of you and that’s it. In this game, play goes like this: you choose a monster. Once chosen, the monster can already move or stop moving. And once the monster stops moving, so does its tail!

Play in Coins at No Cost – Universal Monsters The Phantom’s Curse doesn’t use any kind of balancing wheel, and that is why it is often called the “pin the tail on the donkey” game. To play, just pick out a monster from the grid. When you see the number on the tail in the lower right corner of the screen, that means you have to put a coin in that same slot. While 40 pre-ordained win lines is pretty standard, expect another ten to appear while playing in coins at no cost.

Free Spins – If you are wondering what a “free spin” means in this game, here’s the answer: when you have won a certain number of free coins, you get to choose to re-roll one of your bashers. This means that the game will start over from the beginning and you have a new start. However, if you lose a bunch of coins in your first few plays (as many do), you will be forced to lose some more before being able to make another free roll. That means you could go from having a powerful offense to an ineffective defense. The bottom line is that winning stacks of coins as well as free rolls are very possible.

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